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Maternity and paternity leave allow both parents to spend time with their new baby.

Fathers and partners can learn about breastfeeding, provide emotional support, share tasks around the house and care for their partner and baby.  This helps sow the seeds for strong relationships and dads being more involved in parenting.  Sharing the load also helps to support breastfeeding.

When it is time to return to work flexible workplaces can support mums and dads to meet their work and family's needs.

For mums, time, space and support are crucial to help keep breastfeeding going when they return to work.

Time – to breastfeed or express breast milk during the work day

Space – that is comfortable and private to breastfeed or express breast milk

Support – from your employer and work mates

Is your workplace parent-friendly and supportive of breastfeeding? Flexible workplace policies empower parents and enable breastfeeding.

More about supporting breastfeeding in the workplace

Working and breastfeeding? Know your rights.  Our friends at the Australian Breastfeeding Association provide some good advice.

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